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The box

Small and compact - our box. The stand is covered and has a walk-through and airy design. The lattice doors can be completely folded inwards so that an open front is created and you can present your goods perfectly. So that you don't always have to lug everything from A to B, our box is lockable and you can leave your stuff on site. 

2.50 x 2.50m • allocated space

Market stall - classic

Thanks to the solid wooden beams, the classic market stall is not only super robust and stable, the natural wood also gives it a cozy and inviting appearance. In addition, the light tarpaulin reliably protects against sun and rain.

2.15 x 2.50m • covered • free choice of table

Our stands for traders

The table between customer and dealer always forms a barrier. It is precisely this that we want to consciously break up, which is why all our stands are designed to be open and accessible.

The double

If the space of a single cube is no longer sufficient and you want to expand, two cubes can be quickly and easily combined to form a large stand.

5.00 x 2.50m • allocated space

Individual stand

Do you have your own stand or food truck and just need space? No problem! We will find a few suitable square meters for you.

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Would you like to become a part of the Subaermarkt? Then you will find our registration form here. Our market team will then contact you immediately.

Become a vendor at Subaermarkt

Would you like to sell your products and goods with us as a commercial vendor? Then our Subaermarkt is the right place for it. To participate, you have to register via our website. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Opening spring 2023

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