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Arts and Culture

in Schöneweide

The former Bärenquell brewery lay idle for almost 25 years. Now we are reviving the old site!

Culture is not a luxury and should be made accessible to as many people as possible. That's why we focus on the greatest possible variety and reasonable prices in our program.

In order to ensure diversity, we are in constant contact with the local and international creative industry, offer space for creative development and support artists and projects.

As a cultural institution, it is a matter close to our hearts to create space for ideas and concepts that would not be possible elsewhere, on their own, primarily for economic reasons.

A broad-based program with strong players can cross-finance smaller niche offers and thus provide a breeding ground for diverse culture - free from social pressure to always have to be profitable.


The aim is to create a place for intercultural exchange; an urban playground that reflects and enriches cosmopolitan life and the city of Berlin.

By creating creative spaces that enable the development and fulfillment of longings, preferences and desires and know no nationalities, places of refuge and communities of and for social minorities of all cultures arise automatically.


The preservation and protection, as well as our commitment to the acceptance and recognition of these minorities, especially the LGBTQ scene, is and has always been the core of our actions. A large part of our team identifies with the queer scene and comes from a wide variety of backgrounds.


In addition to our participation in Christopher Street Day in Berlin, there were regular queer parties with a focus on a diverse, international, non-binary or feminist line up and audience.

Intersectional and diverse programming under the premise of sustainability for society and the environment will be our goal. Under this principle, the Berlin Club Commission, on behalf of Berlin's Senator for Culture, Klaus Lederer, honored forty clubs and collectives in 2020, including us. We want to build on these values.


Against the background of being a cultural location, actively intervening in the current development of our subculture and corresponding to our importance for the scene, it is our task to act as a kind of pioneer and, above all, to support young people in an appropriate socio-cultural context.


In addition to free urban art tours on our site, there are also workshops on these and other key topics. Our culture market, which takes place as a marketplace for aspiring newcomers from arts and crafts, among other things, should not only be a catalyst for unconventional ideas, but also offer space for social exchange, discourse and interaction.

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