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Our art & culture program in the Baergarten has a new addition!

Starting on April 14, there will be the tricky Quizcarraldo, the colorful Glamour Quiz XXL with Glamour Night and the Poetry Slam for puzzle, comedy, satire and literature lovers on Thursdays.

Full program:

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month - Quizcarraldo puzzle fun:

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month there is the pub quiz - with heart and brains - varied, tricky and curious. One quiz, 4 parts: Round 1 and 2 criss-cross, a picture puzzle poster challenges your powers of combination and imagination, in the music round you will hear cover versions.

2nd Thursday of the month - Poetry Slam with Aron Boks & Wolf Hogekamp:

Presenters Aron Boks and Wolf Hogekamp bring their poetry slam every 2nd Thursday of the month. Both are experienced through many years in the poetry slam scene, as MC's and authors they present new streams in poetry, rhythm and poetry, satire, comedy, poetry and funny stories. This is where the authors get up to their literary mischief.

And the best thing is, if you have your own texts: slammers are always welcome!


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